Tuesday, January 19, 2010

School's Out Forever

Regular Free Will readers will recall the SF high school principal who threw a fit because the police entered his school and arrested a kid suspected of participating in a double murder (I know my principal would have held to door wide open and told the cops not to bring me back). Turns out, the principal had good reason to be jumpy; the kid was, inevitably, an illegal alien. The kid is also rapidly becoming a cause celebre' for local supporters of SF's sanctuary city law, which prohibits the City from reporting illegal JDs to the feds for deportation: Illegal Teen's Arrest Stirs Sanctuary Law Fight

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors' new sanctuary law - intended to block the city from alerting the feds to young illegal immigrant criminal suspects who haven't been convicted - has come into focus again with the arrest of an undocumented 15-year-old in a double slaying at a Mission District pizzeria.

The youth - a native of Mexico who attends John O'Connell High School - is one of three suspects in the Sept. 20 killings at Papa Potrero's Pizza on 24th Street. Police say the boy helped hold the victims down while they were shot in an apparent act of revenge for an earlier gang slaying.

He's been charged as a juvenile with murder, and now the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has slapped a hold on him - meaning someone with the city let the feds know about him.

This kid doesn't appear to have any redeeming qualities, but there are a lot of adults going to a lot of trouble to protect him. Hope he appreciates it.

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