Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend At Pappie's

In a world of 21st century rip-offs like Madoff and Obamacare, it's nice to see a good old fashioned grave robbing come across the wires: Grave Robbers Steal Remains Of Late Cypriot President

One day before the anniversary of his death, the remains of the late president of Cyprus, Tassos Papadopoulos, were stolen from a graveyard outside Nicosia, the nation’s capital.

According to the Cypriot police, the theft was discovered on Friday morning by a former bodyguard who visited the tomb where Mr. Papadopoulos was buried last year after he died of lung cancer at the age of 74. Reuters reported that the visitor “found piles of earth by the graveside and an empty casket within.”

A local news source, The Famagusta Gazette reported that police in the capital city of Nicosia are “questioning three men” in connection with their investigation. The Gazette also cited “unconfirmed reports” suggesting that the three men may be “officers from Greece serving with the Cyprus National Guard.”

The Web site Cyprus Mail noted: “The news sent shock waves across Cyprus with several politicians condemning the act. Police have cordoned off the grave and are scouring the rain-soaked area for clues.”

Papadopoulis was known for being "provocative," which is a polite way of saying that he was willing to speak his mind about what Greek Cypriots really think of Turkish Cypriots. God knows what his corpse-knappers are planning to do. Are they going to scatter his bones in the Homeric manner?

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