Friday, December 18, 2009

Useless Idiots+

Here's how I will NOT be spending my New Years: heading off to Gaza with some prominent Bay Area "peace" activists to protest The Occupation: Alice Walker To Lead Gaza March
Groups of Bay Area residents, including writer Alice Walker and nonviolence advocates Medea Benjamin and David Hartsough, are leaving for the Middle East to participate in an international march in Gaza on New Year's Eve to demand that Israel lift its restrictions on access to and from the Palestinian territory.

Demonstrations in conjunction with the Gaza march will also take place in the Bay Area.

The 41 protesters from the Bay Area will join what organizers hope to be 50,000 Palestinians and demonstrators from around the world in what they are calling the Gaza Freedom March to the Erez border with Israel on Dec. 31.

Alice Walker? Medea Benjamin? Wow, throw in Joy Behar and you would have a real left-wing hag-fest.

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