Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Secret Life of Plants

I've always had the crazy idea that Montana's Max Baucus was one of the more intelligent Senate Dems, but not after he apparently tried to install his girlfriend as US Attorney for Montana. Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for US Attorney Job

Max Baucus, chairman of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, recommended that the White House nominate his girlfriend as a U.S. attorney in Montana, his office announced late Friday night.

Earlier this year, Baucus recommended that the White House consider Melodee Hanes and two other names for the U.S. attorney post – at the same time that the senator was carrying on a romantic relationship with Hanes, who had been his state director. Baucus was separated with his wife at the time when the two began their involvement, according to a source familiar with the situation, and now the two are divorced from their spouses and live together on Capitol Hill.Earlier this year, Baucus recommended that the White House consider Melodee Hanes and two ot

Baucus’ office contends that Hanes was recommended because of her qualifications – and that the relationship had nothing to do with her nomination to the position or their respective divorces from their spouses.

Jesus, talk about thinking with your *****! I am amazed Baucus thought he could get away with this. What, were all the internships at Revlon taken? "Melodee's" nomination has since been withdrawn, not because of the impropriety involved, but because she moved to DC to live with Baucus. She now has the very important job of "Acting Deputy Administrator for policy in the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency and Prevention," which I guess is the sort of job a powerful man finds for his girlfriend when he doesn't want to bankroll her notions shop.

The timing of this revelation is a little odd, given that (1) the story is old - Baucus left his wfe in April 2008, was openly* dating Melodee in summer 2008 and nominated her in early 2009 and (2) Baucus has been in the news as one of the leading fence-sitters in the Senate's health care debate. This story could have been written anytime in the last 9 months, but we are hearing about it now. Legal Insurrection suggests that there is a bit of political blackmail at work: Hey, Max! Do You Believe In Coincidences
Baucus opposes Democrats on health care. Cub reporter breaks the story embarrassing Baucus. Someone connected to the White House or Democratic leadership drop a dime? Or mere coincidence?

Hey Max, do you believe in coincidence?
Could be. Barack Obama's career has been helped immeasurably by carefully timed revelations of the sexual indiscretions - "transgressions" if you will - of his opponents. Hope Ben Nelson, Olympia Snowe, Blanche Lincoln, and Susan Collins don't have anything lurking in their past that they would do anything to keep hidden.

*it's obvious from the timing - Melodee and Baucus - left their respective spouses within a month of each other - that their relationship began a lot earlier

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