Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Here's an annoying headline from the SF Chronicle, which wishes to educate its readers about "Tea Party Radicals:" Tea Party Radicals Gear Up For 2010

Organizers of the conservative Tea Party movement are forging plans to translate the anger that fueled nationwide anti-tax rallies and town hall protests into an electoral force that can boot incumbents in next year's midterm elections.

The Chronicle has some nerve declaring conservative activists to be "radicals" driven by "anger." SF is filled with angry left wing radicals who will violently protest anything so long as it's anti-capitalist, anti-American, and anti-middle class. Think I'm joking? During the NATO air-strikes against Serbia back in the Nineties, there was a noisy street protest in favor of the Serbs - those being the genocidal, ethnic cleansing Serbs. Some protesters even wore T-shirts that said "Serb Target!" The Bush years saw vivid displays of violent street theater, including virulent anti-Semitism by the tolerant (smirk) SF Left. Were these people dubbed "radicals?" Of course not. In fact, the Chronicle goes out of its way to minimize the crazed anger that underscores any SF protest, but simply goes for the Cindy Sheehan "absolute moral authority" of dissenters perspective.

Tea Party "radicals," on the other hand, are not demanding radical change. They are trying to stop it! They are protesting spiraling deficits, endless bailouts, and the attempt to socialize major segments of the economy. They are economic protesters more than anything else. Sure, the media can always find the one guy at the Tea Party dumb enough to bring a gun, or classless enough to carry a Obama = Hitler sign (although that last one is justified by the tit for tat doctrine). But, the vast majority of these "radicals" are regular folks who have never been involved in politics, but want their voices to be heard. Plus, they keep their shirts tucked in and their hair combed! If these are radicals, then the whole concept of radical is being dumbed down.

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