Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nine Innings

Just One Minute summarizes What It All Means when the Yankees return to the top of the baseball order: The Restoration of the Natural Order

Since they last won in October 2000 we have endured the Florida election, 9/11, and two wars. Both the Red Sox and White Sox ended title droughts extending back to WW I, contributing to a 'World Gone Mad', anything-goes environment that led more or less directly to the housing bubble and global financial collapse. People cast about for leadership, only to be disappointed and surprised.

But now Mariano is on the mound, the public address is playing "New York, New York", and order has been restored. The millennium is back on track.

I have to admit; when I saw Mariano jogging out to the mound last night, "Enter Sandman" echoing through the night air, I felt an autumnal chill as the eternal verities awoke once again. Does this mean the Cowboys are going to go to the Super Bowl?

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