Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Greetings From Ashbury Park

I have enough going on without worrying too much about who's going to be governor of *ugh* New Jersey. Still, this is pretty sweet (via Powerline): The Fat Man Sings In New Jersey
FOX News has just called the New Jersey gubernatorial election for Republican Chris Christie. Given New Jersey's status as a heavily Democratic state, this may be the most surprising result tonight. The Democrats can spin the result away, but the Obama folks thought this race was winnable and that Obama's involvement would make a difference. Christie was heavily outspent by Corzine. Christie had Corzine's unpopularity going for him, but didn't run an impressive campaign and had to overcome the drag of a third-party candidate who siphoned off anti-Corzine votes. The result of this race has to sting Democrats.
Corzine is a walking symbol of this country's entrenched elite; a smug jerk who made a mint working for Goldman Sachs, and then sought to expiate his sins through tax-and-spend Big Government liberalism. I can't say I saw this coming; I thought NJ's lazy Democrat voters would re-elect Corzine through a combination of negative campaigning and sheer inertia. Certainly, the fat jokes leveled against Christie by the always sophisticated Tribunes of Tolerance were the sort of jerk-off tactics that might have worked in a year when voters didn't want to hear a lot of "gotcha" politics, but were voting out of a sense of deep concern for the future of their country and their state. Good luck to Christie. He'll need it.

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