Thursday, November 26, 2009

Benedictine Punks

David Horowitz provides a quick summary of the background of Scott Fenstermaker, Khalid Sheik Mohamad's attorney, already notorious for his appearance on O'Reilley. The Traitor Class

On Monday night Bill O’Reilly had a representative of the traitor class in his cross-hairs, an episode he re-visited Tuesday night. The traitor class is easily defined as people who can’t identify a self-declared enemy of the United States even after he has killed 3,000 innocent people in an act of self-described holy war and is prepared to provide his talents and services gratis to help the enemy combatant attack this own country.

Scott Fenstermaker is an attorney for Covington Burling, a white shoe law firm which has provided millions of dollars in pro bono legal work to Gitmo terrorists. A Covington partner is the brother of Weather terrorist Kathy Boudin, and the lawyer organizing the Gitmo pro bono defense team is family friend and political comrade Michael Ratner, head of the terrorist-supporting Center for Constitutional Rights, who has spent his life defending America’s enemies and serving anti-American causes.

Sheesh! Would it kill the mainstream media to report some of this stuff? I mean, if Sarah Palin's daughters are fair game, why is it so hard to report that there are wealthy American attorneys with connections to Bill Ayers/Kathy Boudin (them again?) who have actively worked to subvert the military tribunals at GITMO with pompous pronouncements about "torture" (you wish!) and the shredding of the Constitution, and are now poised to take their crusade into the US criminal courts? Instead, Fenstermaker is presented as just another guy in a suit going about his business playing the part of the "brave" defender of last resort. And, as long as he toes the progressive line, he - and his client (!) - will be protected from any undue reporting. Lucky for him, and unlucky for us.

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