Saturday, October 17, 2009

When You Get Out of the Hospital...

If progressive health care reform (public option, "death panels," coverage for illegals, no tort reform, tax exemptions for "Cadillac Plans," you know the rest) fails to pass, Michael Barone has written its funeral oration: The Trouble With Health Care Is Paying For It
The legislative process can also be a learning process, and as Congress considers health care legislation -- the latest act being the Senate Finance Committee's vote in favor of Chairman Max Baucus' bill, or "conceptual language" -- we have been learning something useful. It's that legislators would like to provide generous, even gold-plated health insurance coverage to almost all Americans, but that no one wants to pay for it. (emphasis added)
Personally, I think we are writing Obamacare's epitaph on the way to the hospital. All of the elements of progressive health care reform are very much in play. They're just trying to line up the money in such a way that no one knows they are paying for it.

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