Saturday, October 3, 2009

Know Your Product

Would-be California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman can probably get away with being pro-choice, with being a "moderate," and even with being a late registrant to the party. But, endorsing Barbara Boxer ?! That's beyond the pale: "Darned Good " Republican Whitman Endorsed Boxer in 2003

Former eBay executive Meg Whitman, the 2010 gubernatorial candidate who has recently portrayed herself as a "darned good" conservative Republican, endorsed Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer in 2003, records show.
"Whitman contributed $4,000 to Boxer in the 2004 reelection campaign -- and endorsed Boxer as a part of Technology Leaders for Boxer,'' confirmed Boxer aide Rose Kapolczynski today.
And, she signed an "open letter" appealing for support from the California technology executives, touting Boxer as a "dynamic and courageous leader" on the tech front.
Whitman's name was included in a "Friends of Boxer" release when the committee of a dozen technology leaders was formed in 2003 to assist the California Democrat in her 2004 re-election effort, which pitted her against GOP former Secretary of State Bill Jones.
The move by Whitman to back the Democratic junior Senator came about because "in the spring of 2003, some technology leaders were interested in announcing their support for Boxer, so our campaign went out and talked to a wide range of leaders. And Meg Whitman was among them,'' Kapolcyznski said.
"She agreed to endorse the Senator...there was a fundraising event in Silicon Valley later in the year and Whitman maxed out to the campaign,'' she said.
Note that this info comes from Boxer's office, which goes to show what a backstabber she is. Boxer liked Whitman's $$ and endorsement just fine back in 2003 (and never shuts up about the Moral Imperative of Sisterhood), but is happy to try to wreck Whitman's electoral chances now that she's a threat to The Cause. Yeah, yeah. I'm shocked! Shocked! (exit, pursued by bear)

In the last 6 weeks we've seen Whitman (1) lavish praise on Van Jones (2) admit she hadn't voted very often and now (3) stands revealed to have endorsed and donated money to one of the worst Democrats in the state. Add it all up and you reach one inescapable conclusion: Whitman is hopelessly naive about politics, especially as it relates to the Left. Any businessperson giving the likes of Jones and Boxer the time of day should have their head examined. The Progressive Left is virulently hostile to business in CA, even when those businesses are super-cool Silicon Valley tech companies. But, Californians love to believe they exist on the perpetual vanguard of the future, which gives the Barbara Boxers of the world a license to print money (or votes).

Given the public record ca. 2003, it's amazing to me that Whitman could think Boxer could give two sh*ts about Silicon Valley, except as a source of tax revenue. Whitman has said that she wasn't previously engaged in politics because she was busy running her company. But, she obviously got snowed by Boxer who put on a "dynamic & courageous" woman act for the benefit of some business people who didn't want to do anything gauche like endorse a Republican. Not good. Not good at all.

Whitman is running as someone who will bring a business-like perspective to Sacramento to better reform the state's fiscal crisis. But, she clearly has no grasp of how hostile her opponents are to the very idea of reform. Indeed, she shows every sign of liking them personally, without realizing how little mutuality exists there. Not exactly the person I would want leading me into battle

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