Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sports Conservatives

Here is an unexpectedly good dialogue between conservative fire-brand Mark Levin and sports fire-brand Stephen A Smith: Must Hear Radio: Levin/Smith

Smith voted for Obama, but he makes his criticism clear: no one said anything about taking over AIG, the auto industry, or the health care system during the campaign. My favorite quote:
"People may have advocated government intevention in terms of surpervising things and making sure that we all were operating under a fair and equitable system. But I don't recall anybody - and I do mean anybody - that has ever walked into the black community and advocated a government take over of anything. It's about handling your own business, grabbing yourself by your own bootstraps, and lifting yourself up. We may all need assistance, but a take over is an entirely different situation altogether, and and I am extremely uncomfortable with it."

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