Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sun Rises In East!

You're not going to believe this, but there was a "big" protest against the Iraq War in San Francisco! That's right! They marched down Market Street and everything! Crowds in S.F. protest Iraq war, bank bailouts
Umbrellas mixed with protest signs Saturday in San Francisco, where demonstrators marked the sixth anniversary of the war in Iraq with speeches, chanting and a march up Market Street that stretched about three blocks.
OMG! How can they be against the Iraq War? Didn't we win? Luckily, these protesters were not fooled by any smooth talking presidential assurances of victory: 

"It's really important for people around the world to see Americans standing up against this war," said Noel Juan, 52, of the Mission District, as he stood near a 10-foot cardboard figure of Uncle Sam wearing President Obama's likeness.

"Obama has rebranded this war and made it cool for people to wave the flag again," Juan said. "But all the things people hated about Bush are being continued with a slightly different flavor."

Mmmmm. Flavor. 

Judy Greenspan, a third-grade teacher in Richmond who recently received a pink slip, led the crowd at Justin Herman Plaza in a chant, "Jail the rich, bail out the poor, stop the foreclosures, stop the war."

"It's all connected!" she yelled. "It is time for us to take power in this country!"

"It's all connected!" Hey, where does she teach? I want to make sure I move to Richmond so my daughter can learn those sorts of valuable insights. 

Sadly, the financial crisis showed signs of impacting San Francisco's economy, even at this protest. For example, SF's mighty Insulting T-Shirt Industry shows signs of having been "hollowed out" after a decade of Bushian "illusory growth."

Bruce Yurgil, a cartoonist from San Rafael, was trying to unload 80 homemade T-shirts showing former President George W. Bush's brain spilling from his head. The T-shirts were marked down half-price, to $10.

"It's no fun being a cartoonist these days," he said. "The only person I can make fun of anymore is Rush Limbaugh."

Jesus, "Bruce," why don't you grow a pair? Did you get an industry directive about this, or are you afraid of being called a raaaaaacist, or worse a "neo-con?"

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