Friday, March 20, 2009

The Special Gaffe-lympics

This is too perfect. Captain Ed has two videos. 

One is the Obama "Special Olympics" gaffe. I have no comment, except that's the sort of comment that's funny after you've had a couple, but sounds pretty stupid when you say it on television. 

The other is Sarah Palin, who gave a special video address to the Special Olympics, while holding Trig. Seated next to her is the Palin's secret weapon, the adorable Piper Palin. And, it's not some BS speech political speech, either. It's a casual, off the cuff talk given while sitting on a bed, with children squirming and playing.

The contrast is stunning. On the one hand is the celebrity "Most Powerful Man In The World," appearing before a cheering crowd. On the other, a woman with two small children sitting on a bed and speaking from the heart. Now, Gov. Palin certainly has her own celebrity status, but I think we can all agree that she is as despised as she is beloved. I would dare any of those sophisticates who sneered at her last fall to watch her video, but I don't think they could handle the cognitive dissonance to which they would be exposed.

But, please, tell us again why Governor Palin is an idiot.

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