Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Political Prosecution Ends

You might remember part of the "shredding of the Constitution" by the Evil Bush-ites was the "political prosecution" of Gov. Don Seligman of Alabama for taking bribes from Richard Scrushy (among others). Yeah, other than that it was all a Rovian plot. The belief that Seligman was railroaded went to the highest reaches of the Democratic Party. But it was all a fantasy and now a federal appellate court has upheld the lion's share of Seligman's prosecution:
A federal appeals court panel in Atlanta upheld the bribery conviction of former Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama on Friday, giving new weight to a prosecution that Democrats have contended was an example of political use of the courts during the Bush administration.
This certainly was a political prosecution
There certainly was a political prosecution in this case, and the objects were Karl Rove and the Bush White House. You may recall a certain 60 Minutes report that breathlessly reported the supposed doings of Rove in orchestrating the Seligman prosecution. The whistleblower was a freakishly disturbed "Republican operative" (is there any other kind?) whose ill-fitting wig should have been a sign of her complete lack of credibility. Instead, she was hailed as a brave warrior of democracy. Where is she now? And, where are the politicians and editorial boards who once hailed her BS bravery? Well, they are now the ones in charge of our suddenly fragile nation. Funny how that worked.  

The truth is that Seligman was an unscrupulous thief who used his office for personal gain and then, when caught, relied on the paranoid fantasies of our "elite" to raise the "It's Rove!" defense. It's unclear exactly what sort of Democrat that Seligman is  Maybe he was just s $crat, a guy interested in little more than benefiting from the intersection of Big Gov't and Big Business. It is certainly instructive that the bribe underlying all of this involved the disgraced Scrushy paying $500,000 for a seat on Alabama's hospital licensing board. Corruption in gov't healthcare? I don't believe it! 

This supposed "persecution by prosecution" was little more than an illusion - a distraction cooked up by cynical politicos to cover up Dem corruption in an area that the Dems say they need to control ("it's a crisis!"). That the mainstream media abetted this fantasy is further proof of the crying need for many of our institutions to be torn up root and branch, rather than coddled and praised.  

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