Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is This Really A Surprise?

California's budget, passed (but not really) with great fanfare and "high drama" just a few weeks ago, is already out of balance to the tune of $8 billion. California faces new fiscal crisis, report says
California's 3-week-old state budget is already out of balance, according to a report Friday by the nonpartisan legislative analyst, who said the state's revenue will fall $8 billion short of projections in the fiscal year that begins July 1.
Not only that, things will get worse if the special election to pass the propositions needed to approve changes in certain types of funding doesn't go the way the Gov't wants it to.
And the shortfall could be billions worse if voters reject at least three of the six ballot measures in the May 19 special election that are tied directly to the state budget's bottom line, Legislative Analyst Mac Taylor said.
I really have very little comment on this sad state of affairs. Our state gov't has largely failed, but all anyone wants to do is talk about Retarded Republicans. Maybe, instead, we should start talking about the expensive public employees - from prison guards to teachers - that CA employs at mid to high five figure salaries, with generous overtime rules, fringe benefits, and retirements that can begin in a person's early fifties.

I won't believe anyone is serious until those issues are on the table AND final resolution of any budget is left solely in the hands of our representatives, rather than fobbed off on the voters with more disastrous budgeting by proposition, rather than appropriation.

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