Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hope & Change The Guinea Way

There has been a changing on the guard in Guinea with a young military man taking over from the corrupt old guard. Untried Soldier, Camara, Carries Guinea’s Desperate Hopes
The captain likes to sleep late. Most days he rises well into the afternoon. Sometimes it is not until after sunset. He governs in darkness, his aides whisper, because that is when coups happen, like the one he staged early one December morning.
Hmmm. The "captain" likes to cultivate an air of mystery. Also, he's "shredding the constitution," but no one really minds.

Captain Camara, sensing the public outrage at corruption and the drug trade, vowed to clean up the country. In a bizarre but riveting set of televised interrogations, the compact, square-jawed captain extracted confessions from some of the most feared and powerful figures of the ancien régime.

These broadcasts, which came to be called “The Dadis Show,” proved a powerful catharsis.

“It is cleansing,” said Sidya TourĂ©, who was prime minister in the 1990s and is a prominent opposition figure. “The former government pillaged and criminalized the state. People want justice for that.

There's no word on whether employees at AIG's Guinea office will have to give back their retention bonuses.

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