Sunday, March 15, 2009

Disfavored Progressive Gets the W Treatment

For whatever reason, local whiners are getting bent out of shape over Mayor Gavin Newsom's frequent absences from the City. The complaining is more than a little reminicent of the similar whinging that were a staple of the W years. Frequent-flier S.F. mayor draws fire on ground
Gavin Newsom has spent the equivalent of more than nine months traveling outside of California since he became mayor in 2004, in addition to his frequent in-state trips to Sacramento or Southern California.
I think we all need to admit that going to Sacramento or San Jose hardly count as being "away" from the City. Regular San Franciscans sometimes commute to those cities. I'd almost say the same for LA. That's a 50 minute plane ride away!
His regular absences - particularly the recent ones that have coincided with ever-worsening news about the city's budget deficit - have prompted some accusations that Newsom seems more devoted to his own agenda than he is to San Francisco.
Have any of you thought of picking up the phone? Here are some of the specific "emergencies" that Newsom is accused of having "missed:"

At times his vacation plans have angered critics. In 2007, Newsom left town in November just hours after the massive Cosco Busan oil spill in the bay. A month later, he left town after the deadly Christmas tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo.

What was he supposed to do, wrestle the tiger to the ground? And since when does becoming mayor of SF also make you Lord of the Bay and Defender of the Fishes and the Beasts? Really, the only danger would be if he missed a major earthquake while he was cavorting in Davos or Montana. THAT would wreck his political career. 

Personally, I think it's great that he isn't in town that much. Now of we could just get the Board of Supervisors on a similar schedule.

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