Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dangerous Sagaciousness

Althouse notes that Rush Limbaugh and Mickey Kaus are both asking: Is anybody listening to Warren Buffett anymore?

Buffett, who is a Democrat, is publicly and loudly expressing his dismay with the Obama Administration's neglect of the chaos in the financial sector while simultaneously acting quickly to pass a hard left agenda under the all-purpose rubric of "It's A Crisis!"

(I would add that this is a dangerous echo of 2005 when the Bush Administration, after winning a hard fought election dominated by the Iraq War, immediately began ... reforming Social Security! That led directly to the drift in Iraq strategy, which resulted in the insurgency that nearly overwhelmed the Bush Administration.)

Read Buffett's comments. His comparison to the atmosphere after Pearl Harbor is not the hyperbolic rant of an Ivy League kid who never took a college level American history class. Buffett knows his emergencies, and knows when it's time to work together and when to fight over spoils. And yet, it is clear he is being shut out by the powers that be, just like the rest of us.

Are Obamites going to start making snotty comments about Buffett, the same way they have against Rush, Rick Santelli, and Jim Cramer? Surely, they are not that stupid. Then again, they might be too "smart" to realize this.

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