Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, you...Men!

The SF Chronicle - a noted non-expert on the philosophy and politics of the GOP - says: Meg Whitman's first hurdle - state's male GOP

Oh, come off it. Her problem isn't a bunch of imaginary male chauvinists. Her problem is that she is a political neo-phyte with the one thing that can overcome this: tons of $$. As one of the guiding lights of E-Bay, her credentials as a businesswoman and tech innovator are impeccable. Her personality and intelligence are also obvious assets.
But, there is no evidence that she has any ability to communicate her ideas as effectively as more experienced pols are expected to. Nor is there any sort of track record to help us understand how she will react to the inevitable teachers' union ad accusing her of trying to "hurt children." And, generally speaking, GOP'ers from the business community tend to be much more willing to raise taxes in pursuit of efervescent budget "deals."
CA is in a mess, and there's a real opportunity for the GOP to find a hard headed limited government type to make a lot of headway. That's what primaries are for. And that's what GOP primary voters will be looking at.

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