Friday, February 27, 2009

If It's A Victory, Call It A Victory

NYTimes thinks it's significant that John McCain supports President Obama's plan to wind down (but not eliminate) the US troop presence in Iraq. 
 President Obama heads to one of the nation’s most storied military bases Friday morning to unveil plans to pull most troops out of Iraq by August 2010 and he has support from an unlikely quarter — Senator John McCain, the Republican he beat in last year’s election.
That's because we won the war, goofball. 
Mr. McCain and other Republicans emerged from a meeting with Mr. Obama at the White House on Thursday evening reassured that the president’s withdrawal plan is responsible and reasonable. After securing assurances from Mr. Obama that he would reconsider his plans if violence increases, Mr. McCain and the Republicans expressed cautious support.
Obama is lucky George Bush took care of business in Iraq (if not on Wall Street). That he and his supporters can't admit this is pretty galling. 

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